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reservoirSeveral sections having reservoir potential were identified in the wells as shown here. In some cases DST test performed in the wells showed excellent flow rates attesting to good permeablility within the reservoir.  The well reports available for purchase contain details of the DST tests.  


The tectonic model also proposes reservoir sections at various stratigraphic levels although these have not been penetrated to date.


The known (yellow box) and inferred (purple box) reservoirs are:


  • - Tertiary carbonates and sandstones


- basalts and intra-basalt series volcaniclastics and sedimentary series    (especially carbonates)


- Upper Cretaceous sandstones (and potential carbonate buidups)


- thick mid Cretaceous sandstones associated with strike slip basins and large prograding sequences


- Upper Jurassic carbonates & clastics (analogous to the Kutch Basin)


- Mid Jurassic carbonates


- Lower mid Jurassic/Triassic/Permian Karoo equivalent sands