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Geophysical Data

Various seismic reflection surveys have been acquired following the initial 1970 Mobil regional survey, which acquired over 1,900 km of seismic reflection data in the Seychelles and identified rift faulting and considerable thickness of sedimentary section. In total, in excess of 50,000 line kms of 2D seismic reflection data have been acquired and 3,500 sq km of 3D.  Gravity and magnetic data were also acquired alongside most of these seismic surveys.


Open file seismic data  Multi-client seismic data 

 Open file seismic data

About 26,000 line km of 2D seismic are currently open file and available for inspection in the PetroSeychelles documentation centre and/or purchase.  The Data Catalog provides the details



 Multi-client seismic data 


As part of the East Africa SPAN project, ION Geophysical acquired 3 large offset regional seismic lines in the Seychelles.  These data are available for purchase directly from ION Geophysical 



In 2010 Fugro Multi Client Services, in collaboration with Geomahakarsa, acquired about 20,000 line km of large offset 2D seismic data in the Seychelles on a multi client basis.  Fugro has since been taken over by CGG and the data are being marketed by TGS.  For data licensing please contact TGS directly.