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Seychelles Blocks Licensing Scheme

The new blocks licensing system in operation in the Seychelles has been termed “Open File” system. Under this scheme, companies may submit proposals for open areas on a first come first served basis.


Upon receipt of a proposal PetroSeychelles and its partners in Government will undertake due diligence to verify that the company is technically and financially competent to undertake the work program proposed. This will be followed by publication of the intent to allow other interested companies to submit competing proposals, for the same area, within a 90 day period. All proposals received will then be evaluated and the selected company will be invited to negotiate a Petroleum Agreement.


Blocks Definition

For the purposes of defining Contract Areas for petroleum exploration, the Seychelles EEZ has been divided into 1by 10 blocks numbered from B1 to B136.  These are further divided into 5' by 5' sub blocks with each sub block being around 90 sq km in area.  The sub blocks are named Bx/1 to Bx/144 as shown on the map below.  This map is also available as a downloadable large format pdf file.



A comprehensive 'invitation to apply' document describing the pocess more fully and explaining the required application contents and formats is available for download here.


A register of all licenses from the start of exploration in the early 70s to date is available for download here.